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Challenging the Future the New Cultural Capital. Keihanna

Kansai Science City is

Kansai Science City so called “Keihanna Science City” was set up by Kansai Academic Research City Surveillance Conversazione (so called, Okuda Conversazione) in 1978. As soon as the construction promotion law for Kansai Science City was brought into force in 1987, the city constructions started substantially as a national project in the area of the Kansai hills extended to the three prefectures, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.
Number of the move-in institutes has been more than 250 and those institutes are contributing evolutions of our Science activities generating lots of accomplishments in coordination with industries, academies and government. Further, activities of the citizens or NPO are being more active year by year and the science city-like style touching the green and having intellectual and cultural exchanges is also arising.
In March 2006, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation formulated “Third Stage Plan” that indicates a direction of the activities of the science city for the next decade. Promotion of the city constructions, high level of city management, promotion of the science for the persistent society and city constructions with intellectual creations are accordingly performed in conformity to the plan.

Kansai Science City is explained in more detail.

History of Kansai Science City is explained chronologically.

Twelve districts extended to the three prefectures, seven cities and one town are explained